In the summer of 1999,  Joe Jordan, Guy Malone,  Dennis Lyons, Nick Ward,  and Dr. Chris Ward, formed an association of Christians dedicated to addressing the reality of the growing UFO, Alien, and Abduction phenomena.  They formed UFOsRevealed.

In order to be aggressive in efforts to present a Christian perspective on UFO's, aliens, and alien abductions. 
UFOsRevealed dedicates itself to: 
1.  Full disclosure of the Bible. 
2.  Dissemination of Christian literature on Ufology. 
3.  Unification of Christian ministry efforts. 
4.  Develop a strong community awareness of the value, importance, 
    and  accuracy of the Holy Scriptures in understanding cosmology. 
5.  Challenge open minded people to faith in Jesus Christ. 


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